Thursday, July 12, 2007


Soon he will be coming to visit. I eagerly anticipate his arrival, both for the intimate relations we will engage in, and the joy of his company. We live too far apart to waste any time when he can travel to my domain.
I'm envisioning a tryst to remember when he gets here. My fantasy begins when he arrives:
He rakes over me with his eyes, feasting for his pleasure. His arms are around me and he's hugging me close, as I am doing the same. We relish the touch, the feel, the closeness of the moment. I am, as he has bidden before he got here, wearing pieces of the sexy lingerie he sent a couple of weeks ago. Under my clothes, the g-string is tight against my clit, which has been receiving many messages all of which indicate "soon".
After he has had a chance to relax from the trip, he eyes me appreciatively. In a low voice he tells me "You need to go make yourself toes and nose to the white wall, out in the shop, my love". My stomach does a butterfly flit. He's wasting no time in getting down to business. As I'm heading out the door he adds "you will be wearing only one piece of clothing when I get out there, and you will put these on as soon as you get out of your clothes."
"These" turned out to be clothespins. I take them, and proceed to the shop. Once inside the dark, cool building, I strip, as directed, leaving only the g-string on. I dutifully pin my nipples with the wooden clips, feeling the tightness clamp down sends direct shock waves through my clit which is already excited by the presence of the ribbon-thin g-string. As I step up to the wall, I realize I must mash my breasts against it to accomplish the nose and toes instructions. The clothes pin clips are pushed to the side, causing even greater pressure on my pinched nipples. I fidget somewhat as I wait, but it is several minutes before I hear his footsteps.
He comes up behind me and whispers "Very good", biting the tendon on my shoulder softly and firmly, bringing a gasp of pleasure to my lips. He laughs lightly and I find a blindfold being placed over my eyes and tied behind my head. He turns me around and leads me blindly. He forces my legs to spread, and goes about binding them to uprights. He then assists me to lean over. I find myself bent over a contraption that is waist high with a cushion to lay upon. my breast hang freely down to either side. I'm imagining a sawhorse of some sort as my hands are drawn forward and fastened above my head. It is so far quite comfortable and he is crooning softly to me, massaging my back, my legs, my ass. I relax and begin to find myself floating. The nipple clamps are causing my breasts to throb, I can feel them swell with my heat.
He begins rubbing my ass and lightly smacking each cheek with his hand. I feel myself getting wetter with each slap. I moan, loving the feel of his hand coming up against my ass. I feel the warmth increase, I know my butt cheeks are quickly turning a bright shade of pink.
He asks me to tell him what I want. I tell him I want him to spank me like he means it. He assures me that is his intention. I hear his footfalls exit, and a few minutes later he is back. I receive another brief warmup with his hand, and then feel a new tool applied to my behind. Smack smack smack, I'm struck by something wood that bites! I flinch and gasp at the new level of excitement and he rains triple smacks down on each side of my ass for a minute or two. My feet are dancing in place where they are secured and my breath is coming in pants. I am sure my ass is bright red, it's stinging like hell!
Then he is applying a soothing lotion to my reddened cheeks, and telling me this is all I get. I must wait for more. I groan, realizing he means it. He explains that I must now get ready for dinner, we are going out, and he has special plans for me. Before he releases me though, before he removes my bindings and blindfold, he inserts a small condom-covered butt plug in me. I gasp as the object seats itself home. I'm instructed that it must remain in until he requests it's removal, and I'm unbound.
His next instructions - "get dressed, wench, and wait for me in the car..."

Sunday, June 17, 2007

So You Want to be a Dom...

This list struck me as hilarious - found it on a popular list site with a name that rhymes with egg from the WA DC area. Through the tears of laughter you'll find yourself amid while reading this, are some gems of truth we all need to be aware of. If you are engaging in newspaper personals or met-on-the-net blind dates, BEWARE!

In the nine months I have lived in DC I have met and corresponded with a number of you, and frankly I am a little disappointed with the men in this area who call themselves Doms. I find it hard to believe that in a city based on the power of politics that at least a few of you can’t step up to the plate and get the whole BDSM thing right. Since you all seem to be having a difficult time with this I thought I would give you a few guidelines to make your search for your own submissive princess more successful. I am only giving you this input out of love, no one wants to see you succeed more than I do dear, so please read carefully.
#1) A submissive is not a doormat. Don’t expect me to do whatever you say when we are not in the bedroom. No I won’t clean up your apartment, no I won’t wake up at three am to fuck you, and no I will not leave work early because you can’t just jack off like everyone else does. Listen, I am totally turned on when you order me around in the bedroom, it’s totally hot. However, it is annoying in my vanilla life, I am just as busy as you are, so lay off. If I wanted that kind of subservience I would move to Saudi Arabia.
#2) Sending me an email saying you’re a Dom, doesn’t make you my Master. Seriously, if I sent you an email claiming I was a cardiologist would you let me give you an angioplasty? I am just as protective of my snatch as you are of heart. When I get an email from you immediately giving me an order to take down my ad, send you a nude picture, etc, I show it to my roommate and we laugh at what an asshole you are. My lack of reply should be an indication to you of how well this strategy works. It’s even better when you send me a second even more demanding email. Christ dumb ass, it’s not working, try something else. Try slowing down, would it really kill you to have a cup of coffee to get to know me a little first.
#3) No, your friend cannot watch or join us. I don’t know your friend, and I don’t want to fuck him.
#4) NSA means NSA. I am not looking for a husband. If I were I would be married by now. If I meet you on Casual Encounters, it probably means I am not going to move in with you. Again, I have a life too. Having said that, if you would like to see me again, just ask. I might say yes if the sex was fun. Don’t send me creepy emails asking how I’m doing and don’t drive by my house seeing if I’m home. This kind of behavior makes me think I should call the sheriff to see if your address has been updated in the offender registry. Oh, and Brian, stop sending me text messages. You were a lousy lay, and you cell phone has a virus, which fucks up my phone every time you send me one of your inane messages. Go the fuck away.
#5) Don’t expect me to suck your cock without any reciprocation. No fun for my pussy means no second date for you, period. Submissives like oral sex too. Don’t get me wrong, I love sucking cock, but it is not enough to keep me interested in you for more than twenty minutes. Additionally, if I have sucked your cock for half an hour and you still refuse to cum I am throwing you out of my apartment. I don’t care if you still have a raging boner, my gay neighbor will get to enjoy watching you struggle to unlock your car with a hard on.
#6) Seriously, your friend cannot watch.
#7) Yes, we have to meet in public the first time. Also, no I won’t come to your apartment, never having met you and put on a blindfold without seeing you first. I also will not get into your car with you and let you drive me some place I’ve never been before. Safety clown says those are bad ideas. I like being tied up and fucked. I do not like being tied up, fucked, injected with drain cleaner, and strangled. I don’t know you, and you haven’t gained my trust. And yes, I want your real name, address, and phone number. I will give it to my roommate so he can check up on me if I don’t come home in time. This is common sense, and if you are a real Dom you will always put our safety first. If you don’t want to tell me your name you are hiding something and I don’t want to deal with you.
#8) Married guys, get fucking lost. Cheating on your wife leads me to believe you are a despicable piece of shit, don’t email me. Put a little effort into your marriage or get divorced asshat.
#9) Under no circumstances will I do the We/we, D/s bullshit while we IM. I/it I/is I/inane. #10) Enough pictures of your cocks already! Again, I just show these to my roommate for our amusement (and he’s a queer). Bonus points to all you gentlemen who send me a penis pic when you have a really small cock. Sometimes honesty is not the best policy.
#11) Again, your friend cannot watch. Who is that guy anyway? Wasn’t he in Deliverance?
#12) You may not call me bitch, slut, or whore outside the bedroom. If you do, don’t be surprised if I go nuclear on your ass. I have a name, use it. If not I might be forced to refer to you as daddy in public.
#13) If you don’t respect and like women, don’t email me. If you hate women and want a blowjob, I can hook you up with my gay roommate.
#14) If I spend two hours getting ready for our playdate I expect you to put a little effort in to getting ready as well. At least shower, no one likes that musty ball smell. Listen, I am a nice, smart woman who just happens to like a little spanking and bondage. I am sure most of you are nice men who like the same things. I’m sure we can work this out. Post these guidelines by your computer before you answer the next ad and I’m sure it will work out for you. Happy hunting you naughty bastard.
Location: Chained to the Bed

Friday, June 15, 2007

Who's Your Cave Man Rump Roast - Cooking With Cailte

Today we're going to go on another fantasy cooking romp. Today we will cook up a delicious Rump Roast and celebrate the Man of my world in all his Cave Man glory. We're gonna call it "Who's Your Cave Man" Rump Roast.

Pick out a delicious rump roast at your favorite meat counter. Place it in a ziploc bag with 2 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce, 1/4 cup red wine, salt & pepper as you like. Let marinade to room temperature or for at least 2 hrs. Sprinkle with garlic salt and rosemary. Using a meat thermometer, set your timer to the time/temp appropriate to the cut of meat you've chosen. Let the roasting begin! My Cave Man meal will consist of rump roast, baked potato, and corn on the cob. Lots of butter, lots of sour cream. I am indulging the senses of my Cave Man tonight, his sense of smell, sight, hearing and touch will all work together to bring him back into himself, and all over me!

The first sense my plan will impact will be his sense of smell. He comes in the door and the smell of roasting meat wafts his way. He breathes deeply, and timeless centuries slip away as the savory scent reinforces his place as provider for his. Damn, it smells good to be home! "Grunt"

Then his sense of sight kicks in. I'm wearing a white tank and short cut-offs. You know the kind. They would make Daisy Duke blush. Cut low on the hip, high on the cheek. Faded. Worn. He smiles. He likes the outfit. It looks good to be home too! "Grunt"

Now if it's cool, like is the case oftentimes in June here, I have also got a small fire crackling in the fireplace because there's nothing like the sound of a fire to relax to. The sizzling smell of the roast cooking, is enhanced by the pop and crackle of the fire. The third of his senses is now enabled. It even sounds good to be home! "Grunt"

He crosses the room, and takes me in his arms, smelling deeply of my hair, his large hands arove on my body and he playfully states "Those are some mighty short shorts, you are wearing. Are you angling for a spanking, my queen?" He delivers a playful tap to my bottom, right below the fringe of the cutoffs. And so is his sense of touch engaged. As is mine. "He-grunt/She-grunt"

While the rump roast cooks, so is my own roasted and tenderized most thoroughly by his loving hand. The shorts I'm wearing reveal most of my sit-spot, which is where he focuses his administrations. Well spanked is that area, and he takes care to only spank that area, allowing me the keeping of my shorts for now.

The delicious after-tingle of his spanking follows me closely wherever I go as I finish the fixing of our meal. From the corner of my eye, I see him resting in his big chair by the fireplace, feet up, finding the relaxation his workday disallowed him. He's watching my butt. He loves them cutoffs! He loves how red he made what's peeking out from beneath those cutoffs! "Grunt"

Out comes the roast from the oven and the potatos too. The corn on the cob is buttered and delicious, the roast is tender and juicy, the bakers are cooked to perfection! It tastes good to be home!

What's for dessert? More rump roast? He has already told me that later, I will get my "just desserts" for the gift of not only cooking him a meal, but creating the experience that surrounded it. That an entire area of my bottom has been so far left unspanked, I anticipate further roasting to come. Knowing he will continue later keeps me hot and steamy! Sitting down to the table, he watches me as I try finding a way to sit that tingles possibly slightly less. He smiles fondly as I squirm. "Grunt" It's good to be a cave man!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thanks, Bonnie!

God/dess love that woman, she comes up with the best stuff for her blog! I couldn't help but play along and look who I turn out to be...
You Are Bad Girl Sexy

Girl, you are nothing but trouble. And that's hot.
You've got the classic bad girl sexiness mojo going on.
And your badass attitude makes men fear you - and crave you.
Don't give into people who say to tone it down. You're perfect as is.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

What Got Me Started

I was a good little girl. I never got spanked for anything! Back in the day, kids DID get whacked at school, and with a big ol' herkin' paddle the Principal wielded too. I didn't want any part of that! I still don't, in fact. It still looks like one of them babies would hurt like hell!
So where did this spanking desire come from? In my early 20's I actually ran an adult store for a couple of years. I saw more porn in those two years than most people see in a lifetime. Inbetween customers, I would flip through the magazines and I will totally admit that the bondage stuff was about all that got me hot. My then-husband (who also worked there) wasn't turned on by it so it wasn't something we indulged in, and I didn't worry about it because the sex was good, I wasn't complaining!
I do remember at that point in my life, the thought of a spanking did not do much for me. I recall thinking "what do they get out of THAT?"
Well fast forward several years, a few career changes, and the "free agent" life dating a variety of guys. Ran across one or two that liked to deliver a swat on the rear during sex, and I had to admit I LIKED IT. I never thought to ask someone to flat-out give me a spanking though. Never even crossed my mind.
Until one day...
Innocent enough conversation with a girl-friend about the many guys we'd loved before when she says "...and so and so would deliver his sexy-spanking which sent me through the roof..." That was kind of how I felt about them swats I'd previously received. They did send me through the roof but I'd never looked at them as a sexy spanking. Just hearing it put that way got me wanting more. So then it was a matter of finding the right man.
Then fate delivered a special package to me in the form of my wonderful wolfie. Although we met on a vanilla service, we discovered soon enough that we had things in common sexually such as being turned on by the dom/sub thing, spankings, and lots of hot sex.
Now I have the man to deliver those sexy spankings I so want and need! Life is Good! I'm forever grateful to that friend and her casual mention of "sexy spankings"!

Friday, June 8, 2007

The Pot and Kettle

Interesting question posed by a reader that I'd like to try address:
Yeah, but what happens when his weaknesses are the same as yours, and what you want him to deliver, he can't, and you get so turned off by this weak man that you turn cold?
Wow, what DOES happen when his weaknesses are the same as yours? I do think that we are given the experiences we receive for a reason. In some pagan circles this is known as the "great smoking mirror". We become endeared to those traits a person displays that are similar to our own, and we tend to dislike, or try to get away from those that reflect the things in us that we despise. Inotherwords, if you find yourself disliking or fearing some weakness in another, it may be a direct reflection of something in yourself that you need to work on to overcome. While you cannot change the other, you can work on your Self.
This is not a dominance/submission issue, it's not about spanking and getting spanked, it's about deep fundamental issues that God/dess is sending your way to enhance your spiritual growth. God/dess doesn't send us anything we're not ready to handle. Meybe rather than complaining about the others weakness, which is only giving the weakness lip service from the teeth out, one should look within, and examine more deeply the WHY of one's own issue and work towards resolving said issue.
God/dess gives us the free will to remain and work on our failings together or choose to seek that which we feel we need without the other's influence. Sometimes to remain with one with the same failings will drag you into the abyss with them. Sometimes working on the issue yourself will inspire the other to also change their ways. Some people spend their whole life looking outside themselves for that which will "fix" them, or "make them whole" when it is looking within and dealing with our own inadequacies that is required of them.
Inotherwords, my opinion is that if someone has the same weaknesses as me, I need to be a whole person first and foremost, and work on MY issues. That is my responsibility, with or without the other. Rather than gripe at the other about THEIR lack, work through your own. Clean up your own kitchen before you complain that someone else isn't doing the dishes!
If you can then find a way to be stronger where you are weak, what could be wrong with that? If the other chooses to follow suit, more the better but if they do not, it is their choice. Your choice then becomes to remain with that other, or not.
The pot may call the kettle black, and that may indeed be so, but both can choose to be the best pot or kettle that they can possibly be.
Thank you for posing such an interesting question! I hope other bloggers take it up and offer some response! It is a great question and deserves a variety of opinions to help other souls on their journey!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Three Questions

I love reading Bonnie's blog My Bottom Smarts! She's so informative and funny! Today on her blog I see three questions posed. Here are my thoughts on them!

1. Is it possible to be submissive and equal simultaneously?
This is something that there can be a variety of answers to. I'm not a feminist and so I do perceive a fundamental difference between the genders and I do believe there are many ways we are not equal to each other. This is not to say either is better than the other! He has strengths and weaknesses as do I. I love that our inequalities balance out and that when I need his strength it is there for me, when he needs my strength it is there for him. That we are each possessed of different strengths is one of the wonderful aspects of life! We are equally respectful to one another in all aspects of our lives together. He respects my desires and limits and I respect his desire and ability to bring me to those limits well and truly. In areas of my life I choose to be the submissive to his dominant, but it doesn't mean I'm submissive in general about my day to day life. It feels good to let him be in charge and take control, but if he was on the wrong track he would also respect and appreciate my letting him know about it and would not feel any the less for my assisting him to get back on target.

2. Does the fact that you submit to spanking negatively impact your standing in your relationship?
No, in fact I believe it strengthens my standing. That I love to receive, and he loves to give them is a blessing for both of us in that we can provide each other with a fundamental desire quenched to both our satisfaction. Who gets the short end of the stick here? At least if I err and he can punish me, our differences are absolved. If he should err, he has to carry the brunt of it and no greater punishment could he receive than knowing he let me down. He's THAT kind of man.

3. Do you or your partner view you as the lesser member of the relationship, or are you equal in all things other than spanking?
Does the yin-yang symbol appear inequal? Neither of us is the "lesser" of the two, we are in my eyes and the eyes of God/dess equals each with elements that blend to create the balanced entity that is "us". Were he to believe himself better or more than I, or I to believe so would cause an unbalance that would not support our relationship. That he will spank me either as a discipline we've both agreed upon or as a pleasurable and highly charged erotic pastime only shows that he does believe me his match. Perhaps "equal" is not a term applicable here but that his desires fit into mine as the yin snugs to yang denotes more of a match than a lesser or better.

In summary, I feel that the spanker/spankee dom/sub relationship enhances us both and lessens neither. When we are both getting what we need equally, how could inequality exist?